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Chip In is dedicated to building a better future. By giving back, we believe we can make a difference. We started in the merchant processing industry over 28 years ago out of a tiny garage. Since then, we’ve grown with great success and lead with one of the highest approval ratings in the industry. We understand that making a difference in someone’s life is priceless so we built a donation program 6 years ago as a pilot in California. From its success, we’ve launched our redesigned model in 2017 to make it priceless for all businesses to do the same.

Seeing what can be done to make a difference is how we differentiate ourselves from any other processor out there. Others take, we’re here to give back. So we aligned ourselves with Ignite Payments, First Data as our engine to help power the biggest impact possible in credit card processing.

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“We’ve set out to drive change in society by assembling the strongest team we could. Our model is solutions driven and community focused, aligning ourselves with strong partnerships to feed the better good of communities.”

-Gregg Garfield VP of Sales


 The industry has evolved, streamlining processes through technology and rising POS opportunities. Chip In harnesses innovation while providing merchants with around the clock customer service. It’s where solutions meet quality in service and the ability to give back in a big way. This is the essence of what makes Chip In unique.


 Our team

Gregg Garfield

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Josh Teitelbaum

Senior Account Executive

Justin Sandler

Senior Account Executive

Bob Silagy

Account Executive

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Every swipe makes a difference. Donate dollars monthly without changing your bottom line.